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The constitution of India made ‘Education’- the birth right of the Indian citizens irrespective of caste-creed-religion and hence in Art. 51. A, the constitution told that it is the fundamental duty of the parents to provide education to their child. So in this sense no one could be devoided of education. But in India due to high growth rate of population it has become a great problem to cater the needs of all in this respect. Hence, the issue of bringing all under the umbrella of ‘Education’ has given birth to private institutions.

In this locality within 15kms there is no general college as the most nearest college is Barachamapa College and the distance is 18kms and the second nearest one is Basirhat College where the distance is 20kms and Tantulia College is 22kms away from Baduria. So the students fail to continue their studies inspite of their willingness to go for higher studies.

The total area covered is 220 square kms where there are 22 H.S schools and the number of pass out student is near about 4000. But unfortunately all of them could not achieve their goal of higher studies as majority of them living below the poverty line.

The communication system is also very poor and this becomes one of the major barriers in higher studies. Due to all these aforesaid reasons another crucial problem arises-the problem of ‘drop-out’ especially in female education.

Hence, to overcome all these problems we are willing to establish a new college thinking that the new college will certainly meet the needs of the pupils of this locality.

About organisation


TOTSOL EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY is an initiative of Social Welfare & Educational Trust of Baduria established in the year 2014 for the establishment of quality educational institutions to deliver high standard teachers’ education demanding Excellencies in B.ED and D.El.Ed training education among aspiring teachers to build up their promising academic future.

The objective of TotSol Educational Academy is to provide the facility of quality Teacher’s Training Education from Diploma & Bachelor’s level to Master’s level, presently TotSol Educational Academy offers two years course of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and two years course of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed).

Secretary's Message

“Building Tomorrow’s Intellect “ is the vision of TotSol Educational Academy (an Autonomous Institution,established and governed by “Social Welfare & Educational Trust of Baduria”).

Vision of TotSol Educational Academy has to be an Institution of Excellence in higher teachers’ education that continually responds to changing social realities through development. The Institute will strive to inculcate quality teaching skills in young minds. Prepare them for the dynamic global teaching environment, create proactive teaching acumen with adequate knowledge and develop them into socially responsible teaching professionals, it will strive to become one among the “Teachers’ Academic Institutes” through imparting high quality education and effective training ,through dedicated faculty and the best available infrastructure. To contribute to the nation through excellence in technical and teachers’ Education and Resource. To serve as a valuable resource centre for Institutes.

TotSol Educational Academy strives to achieve a level of quality that will match that of any higher educational institutions.To enhance the quality of social life through propagation.To meet our state’s growing need for efficient and committed leaner- centered teachers who make education accessible to all without consideration of caste ,creed or gender.